Why prefer AmazingRDP over any other RDP service provider?

Supported by the experience, AmazingRDP is establishing forward a subjective scope of Remote Desktop Service. The services are administered and executed by utilizing present-day advances. Apart from this, our esteemed customers can profit with these remote desktop services (RDS) benefits according to their requirement within the guaranteed time limit.

Why go for us?

  1. Guaranteed Server Uptime: We guarantee a 99.7% server uptime to all the RDP server. Isn’t that great?

AmazingRDP was established with a goal to provide Remote Desktop Servers (RDP) to people at an extremely less and practical cost. We have been continuously focusing on our slogan, “why you worry”. Well, this motto may look similar to other RDP Selling site, but it’s actually for our customers who buy RDP from us and receives a significant premium support from us each time on every server they purchase. Some of you must be thinking that what is the motivation for delivering services at such low prices on the plans, are they fraud or something? Well, that’s charming that you doubt, but these rates are only possible due to the fact that we are making less profit !!

Take a look at diversified packages available at AmazingRDP:

Why do you require an RDP?

RDP incorporates the accompanying highlights and abilities:


RDP employs RSA Security’s RC4 figure, a stream figure dedicated to efficiently encode small volumes of data/information. RC4 is designed for secure accords over systems. Heads can encode data by employing a 56-or 128-piece key.

Data transmission lessening highlights

RDP bolsters different systems to lessen the measure of information transmitted over a system association. Components incorporate information pressure, constant storing of bitmaps, and reserving of glyphs and sections in RAM. The tireless bitmap store can give a significant change in execution over low-transfer speed associations, particularly when running applications that make broad utilization of vast bitmaps.

Clipboard mapping

Clients can erase, duplicate, and glue content and illustrations between applications running on the neighborhood PC and those running in a remote work area session, and between sessions.

Print redirection

Applications running inside a remote work area session can print to a printer connected to the customer gadget.

Meandering detach

A client can physically separate from a remote work area session without logging off. The client is naturally reconnected to their separated session when he or she logs back onto the framework, either from a similar gadget or an alternate gadget. At the point when a client’s session is out of the blue ended by a system or customer disappointment, the client is detached yet not logged off.

Virtual channels

By utilizing RDP virtual channel engineering, existing applications can be enlarged and new applications can be created to include highlights that require interchanges between the customer gadget and an application running in a remote work area session.

Remote control

PC bolster staff can view and control a remote work area session. Sharing information and show designs between two remote work area sessions enables a helping individual to analyze and resolve issues remotely.

System stack adjusting

RDP exploits arrange stack adjusting (NLB), where accessible.

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