RDP attacks in 2020 & the future of RDP in 2021

  • TPKT enables peers to share information units with a reliable source.
  • X.224 provides a connection-mode transport service. RDP connection is confirmed by the server using an X.224, which contains an RDP negotiation response, which can be used to inform clients of the selected security protocol and can be used throughout the entire connection for a lifetime.
  • T.125MCS is a multipoint communication service that allows RDP to communicate and manage various other channels easily.
  • The basic settings are exchanged between client and server through MCS connect Initial PDU. The core data, security data, network data, various encryption methods with standard RDP security.
  • There is a maximum of 31 static virtual channels on each connection that acts as an independent data stream.
  • RDP also supports dynamic virtual channels that are transported over a specific static virtual channel DRDYNVC.
  • The enhanced security enables RDP to outsource all encrypted, decryption, integrity checks, and others to an external security protocol.
  • In case of any critical situation in the RDP protocol, NLA can limit vulnerability exploitation to authenticated users only.
  • It will help publish resources that lie on Remote Apps and Desktops to Azure active directory groups by the integration with Azure Resource Manager.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop supports even Azure’s role-based access control.
  • Due to its integration with the Azure Resource Manager, you can change everything from the portal directly without any use of PowerShell, web apps, or third-party tools.
  • The profiles of users of virtual machines can be handled independently.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop has also integrated with Azure shared image gallery, which is responsible for storing virtual definitions and image versioning.
  • It also offers its concurrent users to use a single Azure virtual machine at a given period of time.
  • WVD licensing has been simplified from prior virtual desktop technologies like RDS.



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