RDP: A Business Pathway to Virtualism

4 min readDec 28, 2020


Recently, keeping the current pandemic in mind, the world has begun to rely more on virtual technology. Schools, companies, and even event organizers have adapted to using the internet to continue working in this new reality. With these new changes, a lot of unacknowledged services are gaining popularity in the market. One of those services is remote desktop services. Most companies have shifted to using remote desktop services, which allow their employees to work from home while the employer monitors their work from their personal devices.

Benefits of Choosing Remote Desktop Services

The pandemic has made it impossible for the companies to work by giving the employees an option to work from home. Remote desktop services are the best technology that helps companies with this dilemma. Some of the benefits of choosing remote desktop services are:

  1. Cost-Effective :

Businesses are prone to save a lot when they invest in remote desktop services. It is a lot less expensive than investing a load of money in the IT servers and maintaining those servers.

2. Working Remotely :

Remote desktop services give the employees the freedom to work from any place in the world by installing the software on their devices. This technology has come to light during the pandemic, where it is not feasible to go to the offices due to safety reasons.

Working remotely also helps boost the employee’s morale as it allows them to work from their homes’ safety. It also allows them the flexibility to work from wherever they want.

3. Top Security :

Most people are afraid of relying on technology due to safety reasons. They are worried about their data being stolen. Companies cannot afford to put their confidential data at the risk of being stolen or face the possibility of their servers being hacked. Remote desktop services help with this problem by appointing a team of professionals to monitor and secure the connection while their service is being used. With the recent updates in remote desktop services, users can now store and back their data up in the cloud.

4. Easy Access :

The best part about the remote desktop services is that users can use it from any device as long as you install the software on their device and have the login credentials. There is no need to carry additional drives, as you can access and retrieve the data using the software’s cloud services.

5. Easy Management :

It is effortless to use remote desktop services. Companies can restrict access and let their employees see what they want them to see without granting them access to confidential data.

What should you choose between a remote app or remote desktop?

It is essential to make the right choice between a remote app or a remote desktop. You should choose the service depending on your company’s requirements.

A remote desktop is the right choice if your company wants to access and control its employees’ entire desktop. With a remote desktop, the IT can handle everything, including the applications installed and where the data is stored. RemoteApp is suitable for companies who want to control and monitor only a specific application. It looks like any other application running on the employee’s device.

Companies providing remote desktop services

There are a lot of software that provides remote desktop services to its users. Some of the software available in the market are:

  1. Team Viewer
  2. Splashtop Business Access
  3. Zoho Assist
  4. VNC Connect
  5. Any Desk
  6. Go to Assist etc.

From where and at what cost one can receive RDP

It is effortless to download the remote desktop software on your devices. To avail of the RDP services, one needs to download any of the applications mentioned above.

The person needs to run the program on their device and select the computer’s allow remote connections option.

The cost of remote access software varies from company to company. It also depends on the user’s requirements and needs. On average, you can expect to pay around $5 per month/per user.

Remote desktop services have eased many companies’ functioning giving the option of work from home to their workers. Employees and employers can easily share and monitor their work from the safety of their own homes. It is also a lot more inexpensive to invest in remote desktop services than investing in an IT server.




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