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4 min readAug 20, 2018


AmazingRDP Secures Its Payments With FastSpring

AmazingRDP with growing business and market demands have matured their payment gateway to FastSpring. Though the process of selecting a dynamic payment gateway, which follows customers demands is always difficult to find. It was a difficult choice to choose between two of the most successful payment gateways i.e. Stripe and FastSpring. However, FastSpring has come up with some amazing features to beat Stripe in its unique way for us.

Here’s how why AmazingRDP trusts FastSpring for their payment gateway services:

FastSpring does not just offer payment solutions; it offers an entire assortment of capabilities to cultivate FastSpring’s electronic organization. Its full-stack offering covers all of the value-generating bases, together with built-in capabilities for:

● Customer Acquisition, Growth, and Retention

● Online, Mobile, along with In-app Commerce

● Subscription Management & Billing

● Global Payments & Settlement

● Back-office Operations


FastSpring, on the other hand, brings everything together with one integration. Additionally, Fastspring’s new Store Builder Library and APIs/WebHooks give you the flexibility to possess as much or as little of your trade experience as you would like. This feature, unique in the marketplace, enables persuasive UX/CX differentiation on your site, as well as the operational efficacy to drive tasks to us which you do not need to perform yourself.


Commerce​: FastSpring gives a full-service online voucher with easy promotions, discounts, and cross-sells/up-sells. The customizable interface also allows for comprehensive UI/UX choices, from the cart into in-context, allowing elegant and efficient purchasing experiences for your clients. Subscriptions​: FastSpring specializes in handling recurring revenue business models associated with promoting subscription-based services and SaaS. Fastspring’s capacity has evolved with its client’s requirements to the point where 30% of their volume currently comes in subscription-related transactions.

Payments​: FastSpring allows global payments, using a huge set of currencies and methods supported. Fastspring’s payments engine has been made to be multi-currency / multi-method by the beginning, instead of the usual USD / Credit Card default. More than 50% of Fastspring’s sellers and over 50% of their seller’s purchasers are out the united states.

Back-office:​ FastSpring manages significant and but dull back-office jobs like chargebacks, taxation, and client service (to name only a couple ), freeing up your time to focus on growing your organization.

Client Acquisition:​ FastSpring incorporates with numerous providers to help boost your business through increased reaches (e.g., Affiliate revenue ) and enhanced conversions (e.g., abandoned cart re-marketing). Beyond obligations, Stripe provides none of those capabilities at the amount FastSpring does out-of-the-box. For a few, you have to integrate Stripe with another third-party element. For many others, Stripe’s business model does not allow them to offer you these solutions on the retailer’s behalf. FastSpring manages everything with a single integration also allows for effortless scalability, added capability, and extended reach as your digital company grows.


You’re able to build amazing trade experiences utilizing Stripe, but there lies the rub: you’ve got to construct them. FastSpring can have you selling today. Without distracting your devs. And that is a great thing.


Stripe’s rack-rate is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, together with up-charges for items like global trades, chargebacks, etc.. FastSpring’s rack-rate will be 5.9percent $0.95 per trade with payments and everything else contained. You’ll come to realize that the 3.0% $0.65 gap is more than consumed by integrations along with other point solutions, in addition to internal time and effort. Although it looks like a major difference in favor of Stripe, we all know that — in an apples-to-apples basis — the company case is a no-brainer. FastSpring’s all-inclusive offering only offers more value, enlarged business capability, and enhanced customer experience flexibility to your company. So, that’s how AmazingRDP is taking care of their clients and services. An extensive research done before implementing new payment gateway proves that AmazingRDP along with their cheapest dedicated servers are acing at their customer satisfaction chart too.

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