In many situations, it may become necessary to access computers from faraway places. You may need access to some important documents stored in your home PC when you are away from home. Even in business setups, this can be a necessity. The Covid-19 pandemic that led to the closure of offices and schools across the globe also forced many companies and entities to resort to RDP tools and technology to continue the workflow. RDP is a technology created by technology giant Microsoft, and it is bundled in many versions of its widely used Windows operating system. …

In many situations, people have to access data stored in their PCs remotely. This can become necessary both for average PC users and those working in a corporate network environment. The on-going pandemic forced thousands of organizations to switch to work from home mode. So, millions of employees had to access their systems from home, using RDP technology. The Remote Desktop Protocol is one widely used technology invented by Microsoft, and it is bundled in nearly every version of Windows OS. Through RDP, you can access the files and content in a PC running Windows positioned far away –via the…

Have you ever wished that you could check your home PC when you are outside rather than asking someone at the house to switch it on and look for a specific file? Well, that is actually possible when you use the right technology and software solutions. This is where RDP steps in. The Remote desktop protocol is a technology, which was invented by Microsoft for remote access to Windows-based PCs via the web. However, now many third-party vendors offer RDP based solutions.

The basics of RDP

RDP is a Microsoft networking technology that offers remote access to internal systems by connecting one computer to another. Individuals can control all the computers connected over a network as itself sitting on a keyboard. This excellent Microsoft tool is essential for businesses and famous among IT administrators. Microsoft RDP allows remote desktop services to easily communicate with RDS clients through which IT administrators can provide encrypted, remote access to various hosted desktops and applications on the server.

RDP attacks have soared by 140 % in Q3 compared to the previous quarter as cybercrimes took advantage of companies accessing on…

Recently, keeping the current pandemic in mind, the world has begun to rely more on virtual technology. Schools, companies, and even event organizers have adapted to using the internet to continue working in this new reality. With these new changes, a lot of unacknowledged services are gaining popularity in the market. One of those services is remote desktop services. Most companies have shifted to using remote desktop services, which allow their employees to work from home while the employer monitors their work from their personal devices.

Benefits of Choosing Remote Desktop Services

AmazingRDP was founded to provide Remote Desktop Servers (RDP) to people at a remarkably less and reasonable cost. They have been continuously focusing on their slogan, “why you worry,” and have hence been there to resolve all the possible RDP or server related issues for their clients.

Well, you might think that this motto is quite similar to other RDP Selling websites. Still, it’s actually for the customers who buy RDP from AmazingRDP and receives significant premium support from them each time on every server they purchase.

Some of you must be thinking that what is the motivation for delivering…

AmazingRDP was formed with a motive to give Remote Desktop Servers (RDP) to people at very less and effective cost. We believe in customer satisfaction that’s why we never overload users in a single server. Buy RDP & Private Server with full root admin access at a very reasonable rate and pay using your favorite payment mode.

AmazingRDP Android Application

Use this app to manage your account and easily get a notification when your invoice due is around.

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Now complete…

If you are planning to purchase RDP services, here are steps to make your payment from a credit card:

Step 1: Visit and first necessarily select the country after selecting the continent followed by Selection of language as shown in the below screenshot.

AmazingRDP Secures Its Payments With FastSpring

AmazingRDP with growing business and market demands have matured their payment gateway to FastSpring. Though the process of selecting a dynamic payment gateway, which follows customers demands is always difficult to find. It was a difficult choice to choose between two of the most successful payment gateways i.e. Stripe and FastSpring. However, FastSpring has come up with some amazing features to beat Stripe in its unique way for us.

Here’s how why AmazingRDP trusts FastSpring for their payment gateway services:

FastSpring does not just offer payment solutions; it offers an entire assortment of capabilities…

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